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The perfect wellness companion for you
and your family


Presenting Nirog Scan : Your Personal Doctor at the comfort of your home

A smart healthcare diagnostic device developed not only to ensure healthy individuals, but also a healthy home.

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What is Nirog Scan

A one of a kind 3-in-1 state-of-the-art smart and data-secure health monitoring system equipped with medical grade sensors to

1) Measure
Measure basic but important biomarkers
with 98
% accuracy



Heart Rate.png

ECG (Electrocardiogram)


Blood Oxygen Saturation

(Did you know? Smartwatches and other commercial devices such as oxymeters have only ~85% accuracy)

Simultaneously within seconds

2) Get a Comprehensive Report
Get a comprehensive report outlining present health state and possible disease indications with our ML integrated software


Instantly on the monitor and connected devices with audio and visual outputs


3) Stay on Top of your Health Goals
With access to blockchain-encrypted and
data-secure exportable
regular health reports for your doctor, you get to choose how to maintain your lifestyle


Be aware of underlying symptoms at home itself

How It Works

Nirog Scan is extremely easy to use and manage. It does most of the work for you!

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Workflow 2a.png

Reading starts as soon as the measuring peripherals are in place on the body.

Workflow 3b.png

Device scans and reports the result on the interactive screen in seconds.

Workflow 4b.png

Device notifies the person if results are normal or a cause for concern, and possible health risks.

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... and that's not it!

Nirog Scan comes with a host of features such as:

av feedback.png

Audiovisual Feedback

non invasive 1.png



Long Battery Life

data storage.png

Data Storage

auto finger.png

Seamless Detection


Report Generation


Accurate Results


Quick Notification

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